CAD-CAM libraries
Download our exocad and 3Shape compatible libraries
GT-Medical's CAD-CAM libraries are a set of digital files that allow the design and fabrication of prostheses on the most used implants in the market. CAD-CAM technology offers a fully digital workflow, which improves the customer experience, reduces delivery times and guarantees a perfect fit. At GT-Medical, depending on the workflow to be used to produce prostheses, we offer the following libraries:
Ti-Base Prime
To make zirconium prostheses cemented on our new titanium trimmable interfaces, available in various gingival heights for both straight and angled canals.
Available for:
Ti-Base Universal
For making zirconium prostheses cemented on our conical titanium interface, available for straight or angled canals. Simplicity and precision combined to perfection.
Available for:
To make sintered prostheses in Chrome-Cobalt and welded on our CrCo interface, available for straight or angled channels.
Available for:
For direct sintered prostheses to impants or on transepithelials without the need for interfacing. A fast and economical solution.
Available for: