CAD-CAM libraries
Download our exocad and 3Shape compatible libraries
GT-Medical's CAD-CAM libraries are a set of digital files that allow the design and fabrication of prostheses on the most used implants in the market. CAD-CAM technology offers a fully digital workflow, which improves the customer experience, reduces delivery times and guarantees a perfect fit. At GT-Medical, depending on the workflow to be used to produce prostheses, we offer the following libraries:

Ti-Base Prime
To make zirconium prostheses cemented on our new titanium trimmable interfaces, available in various gingival heights for both straight and angled canals.
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Ti-Base Universal
For making zirconium prostheses cemented on our conical titanium interface, available for straight or angled canals. Simplicity and precision combined to perfection.
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To make sintered prostheses in Chromium-Cobalt and welded on our CrCo interface, available for straight or angled channels.
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For direct sintered prostheses to impants or on transepithelials without the need for interfacing. A fast and economical solution.
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Model Creator
GT-Medical's Model Creator library allows you to create models from intraoral scans with analogues and removable gingival masks.
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The best dental software for a fully digital workflow.
En GT-Medical somos distribuidores oficiales de Exocad, porque nos preocupamos por ofrecer las mejores soluciones digitales tanto a dentistas como a técnicos protésicos. Exocad es una solución completa, versatil y económica, que permite elegir los módulos que necesitas para tu flujo de trabajo.
exocad DentalCAD
Modular dental design software. It is the ideal solution for beginners due to its ease of use, as well as for professionals looking for robustness and power for more complex cases.
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exocad ChairsideCAD
Advanced dental CAD software for use in clinical environments, with intuitive and highly automated procedures.
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Software for implant planning and surgical guide design.
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