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Alpha Bio Tec®
Conical Hex Connection (CHC)
Internal Hex Connection (IH)
Anthofit HE® P4.1
Anthofit HE® P5.0
Coral / Ocean EC P4.1
Coral / Ocean EC P5.1
Coral / Ocean IC
External Ikelt® 3.3 / 3.75 / 4.0
External Ikelt® 5.0
External Bikelt®
Internal Hikelt® 3.8
Internal Hikelt® 4.7
Top DM® / Hibikelt®
Sub. Hexagon System
Int. Octagon System P4.8
Int. Octagon System P5.9
Ext. Hexagon System P4.1
Ext. Hexagon System P5.1
s-Clean Narrow
s-Clean Regular/Wide
e-Clean Mini
e-Clean Regular
e-Clean Wide
i-Clean Regular
SuperLine® / Implantium®
SimpleLine II
Dio Implant®
UF II Regular/Wide
External Narrow
External Regular
External Wide
External Hexagon®
Internal Winner® P3.5
Internal Winner® P4.5
Etk® Euroteknika®
Uneva+ NP 4.8 / RP
Naturactis® / Naturall+ / Natea+
Internal IPX® / ICI®
External IPXE® 4.0
Phoenix® P4.1
Phoenix® P5.1 Hex. 3.4
ET Implant System Regular
Implacil de Bortoli®
HE Cilindrico/Conico P4.0
HE Cilindrico/Conico P5.0
HI P3.5 Cilíndrico / Cónico
Implant Direct®
InterActive® Ø3.2 / Ø3.7
InterActive® Ø4.3 / Ø5.0
Reactive®/Replan® P3.5
Reactive®/Replan® P4.3
Reactive®/Replan® P5.0
Legacy® P3.5
Legacy® P4.5
Legacy® P5.7
SwishPlus® P4.8
JDental Care®
JD Evolution® S Ø3.2
JD Evolution®/Plus
JD Icon®/Plus
JD Octa® RN Ø3.7 / Ø4.3
JD Octa® WN Ø5.0
Keystone® (Lifecore®)
Restore® SD
Restore® RD
Restore® WD
External System Mini MST® / MS® 3.5
External System 4.2
External System 5.1
External Universal 4.1
External Universal 5.1
EK Internal System P2.9
EK Internal System P3.5
EK Internal System P4.5
EK Internal System P5.7
Mozo Grau® - Ticare
Osseous® 3.3 Mini
Osseous® / Osseous® Quattro® STD
Osseous® 5.0 Maxi PS
Osseous® 5.0 Maxi
Inhex® 3.3 Mini
Inhex®/Inhex® Quattro® STD
Inhex® 5.0 Maxi
Privilege® CM Ø3.5 / Ø4.1
Privilege® CM Ø5.1
Privilege® HE P4.1 Ø3.3 / Ø5
Privilege® HE Ø5.1
Excellence® CM Ø3.5 / Ø3.75 / Ø4.4
Excellence® / Short® CM Ø5.1
IS Narrow, Regular, Wide, S-Wide
EB Narrow
EB Regular
EB Wide (3i)
EB Wide (Br) / S-Wide(Br)
IT Narrow / Regular (RN)
IT Wide (WN)
Internal Hex - TS System Regular
External Hex - US System Mini
External Hex - US System Regular
External Hex - US System Wide
External SHe® 4.0
External SHe® 5.0
Iridium® 4.2
Argentum® 4.2
Platinum® 4.2
Internal SHi® 3.5
Internal SHi® 4.5
Oxy Implant®
MD Line EXT Mini Platform
MD Line EXT Standard Platform
MD Line EXT Maxi Platform
PHE 350 Type
PHE/PHEA 410 Type
PHI/PHIA 350 Type
PHI/PHIA 450 Type
PCI 230 Type
PCI 280 Type
S.I.N. Implant System®
Epikut HE® SP 4.1
Epikut HE® 5.0
Epikut CM® / Unitate Prime®
Strong SW-HE® / Tryon HE® 4.1
Strong SW-HE® / Tryon HE® 5.0
Strong SW-HI® 3.8
Strong SW-HI® 4.5
Strong SW CM® 16
Strong SWC CM® 11.5 / Tryon CM®
Sigma Implants®
Sigma Active Bio®/Classic®
Fit-Hex-CI® 3.3
Classic-CI® / Estetic-CI® 4.1
Classic-CI® / Estetic-CI® 5.0
Rapid / Anatomic CE P3.5
Rapid / Anatomic CE P4.1
Rapid / Anatomic CE P5.1
HS / Anatomic CI 3.5
HS / Anatomic CI 4.3
HS / Anatomic CI 5.0
OEX® / ZM1® / ZM4® NP 3.3
OEX® / ZM1® / ZM4® / ZM8® RP 4.1
OEX® / ZM1® / ZM4® WP 5.0
Zinic® / ZinicMT® NP
Zinic® / ZinicMT®/Shorty RP
Zinic® / ZinicMT®/Shorty WP
Galaxy / ZV2 RP
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