Prime Original Screw



Gt-Medical's Screws are made of Titanium Grade 5 with a mirror micro-polished finish to prevent bacterial plaque adhesion. Gt-Medical's DINALOCK screws have a DLC coating that improves hardness and provides excellent protection against abrasion.


The connection surface of the Prime Series Screw with the abutment has been rigorously designed with the original measurements of the corresponding implant screw. The screwdriver slot may have different shapes depending on the implant system where the screws are housed. 



The tightening torque of Gt-Medical's screws follows the specifications of the original implant, and depending on the geometry of the screw channel, we distinguish:

  • The Prime Series Screw can be used in attachments with straight channels, whether they are originals or from the Prime Series.
  • The DINALOCK Prime Series Screw is indicated for use in angled channels of Gt-Medical's Prime Libraries: Prime CrCo Base, Prime Direct, and Prime Direct XL.
Tax excluded
Driver: Unigrip®
Length: 3.5mm
Tax excluded
Driver: Hex 1.20
Length: 3.5mm
Tax excluded
Driver: Dinalock (for angled channels)
Use: For angled screw channels
Length: 3.7mm
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