Scan Body



The Scan Body is composed of:

  • A scanning body made of Peek which facilitates proper capture by the scanner. It has a cylindrical shape with a height of 12mm, and is equipped with a vertical flat face for capturing angular positioning, and a horizontal flat face for capturing axial positioning.

  • A machined base made of Co-Cr with a micro-polished mirror finish, which ensures radio-opacity for verifying correct positioning. Its surface has been meticulously designed with the original measurements of the corresponding implant and offers a machining tolerance never greater than +/- 0.01mm.

  • A Titanium Grade 5 screw captive in the scanning body. The Scan Body assembly contains a cavity inside where the connecting screw to the implant is housed.


All Scan Bodies can be used with Gt-Medical Prime libraries. For proper orientation of the assembly consisting of the analog, laboratory model, and prosthetic structure, it is very important to position the flat face of the Scan Body towards the vestibular side.

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