Impression Coping



The Impression Coping from Gt-Medical is made of Stainless Steel with mirror micro-polished finish.


The connection surface with the implant has been rigorously designed with the original measurements of the corresponding implant and offers a machining tolerance never greater than +/-0.01mm.

The body of the Impression Coping has a retentive shape of 12mm in height. It is provided with multiple vertical flat faces for proper angular positioning and one horizontal flat face for proper height positioning.

Depending on the design of the Impression Coping, it can be used for open tray or closed tray impression techniques, by selecting the corresponding screw.

The Impression Coping screw has to be ordered separately, except for the monoblock coping that doesn't require a screw.

Tax excluded
Use: Open tray
Tax excluded
Use: For closed tray impression
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