Isogrip® Kit



The Isogrip Kit is composed of several pieces, made of Titanium Grade 5 with a mirror micro-polished finish to prevent the adhesion of bacterial plaque and PEEK for biomedical use.


Thanks to the Isogrip® Kit, we can perform immediate loading with any type of implant on an Multi-Unit® abutment, reducing the time it takes to obtain a screw-retained denture on implants.


The connection surface with the abutment has been rigorously designed with the original measurements of the Multi-Unit® abutment, offering a machining tolerance never greater than +/- 0.01mm.

The maximum diameter of the provisional abutment is 4.8mm, and the height is 4mm.


The Isogrip® Kit is composed of four elements:

  • Temporary Abutment

  • Fixing Screw

  • Activation Screw and Definitive Expanding Core

  • Temporary Expanding Core


- All components are included in the same package.

- Available in two sizes according to the height of the provisional abutment.

To obtain detailed information about the functioning of the ISOGRIP abutment, you can download the attached file here.

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